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COMPAORE Yacouba, LANKOANDE Yempabou Bruno et DIANOU Kassoum
Neonatal mortality inequalities between formal and informal neighborhoods in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso): Insights from Ouagadougou Health and Demographic Surveillance System

MILLOGO Roch Modeste, SOURA Bassiahi Abdramane, COMPAORE Yacouba et MILLOGO Tieba
Food insecurity in african urban areas: evidence from the Ouagadougou heath and demographic surveillance system

NIKIEMA Dayangnéwendé Edwige, ROUAMBA Jérémi, OUEDRAOGO Rawelguy Ulysse, COMPAORE Georges
Maternal, newborn and child health in a context of free healthcare: state of play and health issues in the health districts of Baskuy and Bogodogo (Ouagadougou)

OUEDRAOGO Rawelguy Ulysse, NIKIEMA Dayangnéwendé Edwige et YANOGO Pawendkisgou Isidore
The waste in Toyiibi: interface between the city-dweller and his living space