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Sous la direction de: KOFFI-DIDIA Adjoba Marthe

Dossier thématique: La santé dans le monde rural

KOFFI-DIDIA Adjoba Marthe
Health in the rural area

ADIKO Francis Adiko, NINDJIN Charlemagne, YAO Léopold Yao
Food and sanitary standard applied to women in postpartum period among Akan people in the ivorian rural area

COULIBALY Bamoro, KROUBA Débora Isabelle, KOUAKOU Aristide Adjoua Colette, OUATTARA Aboubacar Adama, BERTÉ Djakaridja, TA BI Tra Dieudonné, RAYAISSE Jean-Baptiste, JAMONNEAU Vincent, SOLANO Philippe, KOFFI Yao Jean-Julius, KABA Dramane, ANOH Kouassi Paul, ASSI-KAUDJHIS Joseph Pierre, COURTIN Fabrice
Health consequences of rural landscape dynamics in the african human trypanosomiasis (tha) source in Bonon (C

ILBOUDO Sidbéwendin David Olivier
Understanding the refusal of medical referral in rural Burkina-Faso: another approach to the vulnerability of users faced with the health services

Decentralized entities and the health cover strengthening of Grand-Lahou department in C

KANGA Kouakou Hermann Michel, KOUASSI Konan, BRISSY Olga Adeline, ASSI-KAUDJHIS Joseph P
Seasonal variation of malaria and risk of disturbance of the agricultural calendar in the health District of South Bouak

N’GUESSAN Hassy Joseph Kablan
Mobility of the patients in rural area, case of the frequentation of the center of health of Krindjabo, south-east of C


AKE-AWOMON Djaliah Florence, COULIBALY Moussa, NIAMKE Gnanké Mathieu, SANTOS Dos Stéphanie
The problem of drinking water supply and the development of water-borne diseases in the Orly extension districts of Daloa city (C

COULIBALY Mamadou, EBA KONIN Arsène, ANOH Kouassi Paul
Analysis of the economic and sanitary consequences of sanitation in the city of Abidjan (C

DIABAGATE Souleymane, KONAN Kouamé Pascal
Household waste management in the city of Bouake, sources of socio-spatial and environmental inequalities

GOUATAINE Romain, YMBA Maimouna
Climatic variability and emergence of malaria in Bongor (Tchad)