Espaces naturels, Environnement et Santé
Natural Spaces, Environment and Health

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ALLA Della André, KAMBIRE Bébé et  OSSEY Anonfon Fourier
Impact of the overflowing of septic tanks on the living environment and the health of the populations of Yopougon-andokoi (Abidjan-Côte d'Ivoire)

COULIBALY Moussa, TUO Péga et AKE-AWOMON Djaliah Florence
Insalubrity and infectious diseases in the precarious districts of Yopougon Gesco-attié: case of Judé, Mondon and Ayakro (Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire)

KAMBIRE Bébé et  OUATTARA Sotia Karidiatou
Soil pollution by the solid household waste in the municipality of Songon: case of Songon-agban

KONE Tintcho Assétou et ANOH Kouassi Paul
Study of the impact of noise pollution on the health of educational actors in schools in the commune of Adjamé