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GUIRYAM Richard, LEMOUOGUE Joséphine, BOUYO KWIN Jim Narem et KAHOU NZOUYEM Jasmine Laurelle
The inflow of Central African refugees and increased food insecurity in Maro (south of Tchad). What health consequences?

KONAN Maubah Stéphanie Carène et KOFFIÉ-BIKPO Céline Yolande
Study of mothers' lack of education impact on children aged 0-59 month

Soy and health consumption in urban areas in Togo

LONGO Armande
Maternal and child protection in Gabon: from the 1930s to the 1970s

PALOU Baïsserné Ludovic
Rural exodus and the risk of sexually transmitted diseases in the Bedjonde community in Mandoul basin IN Chad

TUO Péga
Urban dynamics and access to healthcare in N'Dotr

YEO Soungari, ANON N’guessan et YMBA Maïmouna
Perceptions of well-being by teachers in health worker training schools in C