Espace,Société et Santé
Space, Societies and Health

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KOUADIO Anne Marilyse, MONDESIR Thierry Koraba
Access to drinking water and waterborne diseases among immigrants in the city of Gagnoa (West Central Côte d'Ivoire)

ADIKO Francis Adiko, NINDJIN Charlemagne, YAO Léopold Yao
Food and sanitary standard applied to women in postpartum period among Akan people in the ivorian rural area

AKIYO Offin Lié Rufin, BABADJIDE Lambert Charles, ATCHADE Chambi Julien, CONCOIN Coffi Alain, OROU GANI Sakibou
Socio environmental bones fracture treatment in Ouedo subdivision (Abomey-Calavi urban District) in Southern Benin

COTTEREAU Victoire, MOREL Sylvie
Newcormer sub-saharan migrants with HIV-aids in France : diagnosis sites and health experiences

COULIBALY Mamadou, EBA KONIN Arsène, ANOH Kouassi Paul
Analysis of the economic and sanitary consequences of sanitation in the city of Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire)

DIABAGATE Souleymane, KONAN Kouamé Pascal
Household waste management in the city of Bouake, sources of socio-spatial and environmental inequalities

ILBOUDO Sidbéwendin David Olivier
Understanding the refusal of medical referral in rural Burkina-Faso: another approach to the vulnerability of users faced with the health services

KOUASSI Damus Paquin, SOUMAHORO Sory Ibrahim, ANGBO-EFFI Odile, KONE Fousseni, KOUAME Arsène Deby, OPRI Irika, COULIBALY M’Begnan, YAO Gnissan Henri Auguste
Determinants of vaccination abandonment (Penta1, and Anti-Measles vaccine) in children aged of 0-11 months in the District of Bondoukou

MEVA’A ABOMO Dominique
Urban migration and maternal health in Sub-saharan Africa: the internal/external migrant experience in the conventional system of prenatal care of Douala (Cameroun)

NIKIEMA Dayangnéwendé Edwige, ROUAMBA Jérémi, OUEDRAOGO Rawelguy Ulysse, COMPAORE Georges
Dynamics of HIV / Tuberculosis infection in migration populations for informal and artisanal gold mining in Burkina Faso

Système alimentaire urbain et santé en Afrique


Education, santé et bien-être en Afrique


Migration et santé en Afrique subsaharienne


La santé dans le monde rural


Dynamiques spatiales, sociales, territoriales et santé en milieu urbain


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